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Chinese Character Typing Contest



l   Registration time and method: Registration is due on Dec 21, Thursday. Please download the application form below. After filling out the form, please hand in to CS313.

l   Date & Time: Dec 27th, 2017, Wed, 16:45 ~ 17:30

l   Check-in Time: 16:30 ~ 16:40

Contestants must issue student’s identity card for registration. Contestants without student card will be disqualified. 

l   Venue:CS310

l   Purpose: Chinese Language Center hosts this contest to promote Chinese input method.

    Leveling up your traditional Chinese input method could help you memorize Chinese characters and improve writing skill.

l   Guidelines:

n   Two international students team up when you register the contest. Everyone can only join a team.

n   Partners should be on the same level of Chinese skill.

n   During the contest, one is in charge of typing, the other one should work on proofreading.

   Whoever does proofreading could only talk to your partner for correcting typing in Chinese.    

n   We will hand out the test papers and give contestants 2 minutes as preparation time.

    During the preparation, you cannot using cellphones and discuss with others but check books as references.     

n   Before we start the game, every team should open a Word file, where you type Chinese characters during the game.

    Please name the file after contestants and sent it to the judges.

n   Each game lasts 5 minutes. 30 seconds before time is up, we will ring a bell as a reminder and in the last 10 seconds,

    we will ring it again. Stop typing as time is up, or you will fail your game.

l   Grading Policy:

n   The total number of words you type: 50%

n   Preciseness: 50%

l   Prizes: Contestants will be awarded with as the following shown.

   The maximum number of awarded contestants will be three, and it will be adjusted depending on the amounts of participants.

n   1st Prize: NT$800

n   2nd Prize: NT$600

n   3rd Prize: NT$500

Sponsor: College of Humanities and Social Science, Kaohsiung Medical University

Organizer: Chinese Language Center, Kaohsiung Medical University

Any additional rules will be announced by the host or judges on the spot.


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