Chinese Speech Contest


To encourage international students to speak Chinese in daily life and enhance the accuracy and fluency of Chinese speaking capability, KMU Chinese Language Center will host Chinese speech contest for international students as a promotion of learning Chinese as well as enhancing proficiency if speaking Chinese.


Organizer: Chinese Language Center, Kaohsiung Medical University

Co-organizer: The Center for Languages and Culture , Kaohsiung Medical University


Contest Date & Time: 17:00 ~ 18:00, Thu, June 14th, 2018

Registration Time: 16:30 ~ 17:00

Venue: CS915

Requirement: All of international students who study and also take Chinese lessons at KMU (*Students whose first language is Chinese are not included).


1.      Personal group: exclusively for students in class B1, B2, B3 and TOCFL A1 level.

2.      Team group: 2-3 students per team. Team members should from class C, D, F, G and TOCFL A2 level above. If you need any help about grouping, please contact Chinese Language Center.

Sign-up deadline: Wednesday, June 6th, 2018. Please ask your Chinese teachers for the application form or download  from below.


1.      Will ballot the order at CLC center. Time for pull out the order will release soon.

2.      Speech topic: student or group are freely to introduce one of the topic in below list:
1) a special person, 2) a special event, 3) a special thing and 4) a special place.

3.      For personal group, each candidate have 2 minutes for speech. For teams, each team need to speak for at least 3 minutes, no more than 4 minutes.

4.      When time’s up, please stop the speech no matter you finish or not, or will minus your score.

5.      Candidates have to stop reading under any circumstances when the time is up.

6.      During the preparation, consulting is not allowed, but candidate can use dictionaries.


1.      Content 40%

2.      Language ability 30%

3.      Fluency 20%

4.      Deportment 10%

Prizes: We will provide award and commendation as well.

1.      Personal group: the champion will be awarded NT$500, NT$300 for the second and NT$200 for the third.

2.      Team group: the champion team will be awarded NT$1000, NT$800 for the second and NT$500 for the third.

Any additional rules will be announced by the host or judges on the spot.

        *Candidates must issue student’s identity card for registration. Contestants without student card will be disqualified.

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