Kaohsiung Medical University Chinese Language Center

Chinese-Learning Buddy Recruitment Notice


If you want to meet people from other countries, get in touch with different cultures

If you are willing to help foreign students to learn Chinese

If you want to improve your listening,expression,comprehension and interaction skills

If you are ready to learn be responsible and emphathetic,

You are welcome to join us as a Chinese-Learning Buddy!


Ì Application Period2016.05.30 ~ 2016.06.24

Ì Qualification The undergratuate students of KMU(Taiwanese students have a top priority in selection.)

Ì Quota30 persons

Ì Online Applicationhttp://goo.gl/forms/tEZgRpW4hWrqyOT63

Ì Notes

  1. The applicants must attend the training course conducted by the Chinese Language Center (about 3 ~ 4 sessions) before they are eligible to be a “Chinese-Learning Buddy”. If the attendance is less than half, the applicant will be disqualified. 
  2. “Chinese-Learning Buddy assist foreign students in their studies, co-curiculum activities, and other general issues. Those who have busy affairs are not recommended for this position.
  3. Do not assume the Chinese-Learning Buddy system as a means of English tuition. For those who intend to learn English, please seek other approaches.
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