Campus life

A. Location and accommodation:

KMU is located in the central area of Kaohsiung, San-min district, and itis very convenient for students. There are restaurants, supermarket and stores nearby. New students are advised to arrive in Kaohsiung two weeks before the commencement of classes in order to arrange accommodation. If new students need to book hotel or similar accommodation near to the campus, there are hotels near by the campus to choose from. Single rooms nearby the campus can be rented for about $5000 to 7000NT per month. Living expenses vary according to individual lifestyles and customs.

For KMU international students, they can apply for campus dormitory.If students need assistance, please contact Office of Global Affairs (OGA) and Office of Student Affairs:

Website of Office of Student Affairs:

Website of Office of Global Affairs:

B. Health services:

KMU Health Center offers health care for students: routine care and care for illness. Also, there is Kaohsiung Health University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital just next to the university.

C. Medical or accident insurance:

All students are required to have medical or accident insurance. According to National Health Insurance Administration regulations, students who stay in Taiwan for continuous four months and hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) must have National Health Insurance (NHI). If one doesn’t have NHI will have to pay the fine and be charged with the insurance fee from the day you are qualified for application.

D. Counseling and Psychological Services:

There is a psychological section in KMU. The counselors provide confidential assessment.

E. Recreational Sports and Fitness:

Visit KMU fitness center or stay active through physical education classes.

F. Other information:

Before coming to Taiwan, OGA reminds you to bring your diploma and academic transcript of your highest academic degree and complete the authentication procedure by the ROC representative office in the country of the institution, in order to complete the procedure of registration. Also, OGA organizes  “New International Student Orientation” every year to introduce the offices and their services. After the orientation, OGA will make a campus tour, introducing the facilities like tennis court, restaurants, faculty and library.

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