This center was formerly a language teaching section, belonging to the Center of General Education and was in charge of foreign language teaching. When the university established College of Humanities and Social Science on 1st of August in 2012, the section became the teaching unit and changed its name to the Center for Languages and Culture. Since then, this center became a specific unit for language teaching and began to integrate Chinese courses In 2014, the Center planned to establish The Chinese Language Center (CLC), to be in charge of Mandarin teaching affairs and on 1st of August, it was officially listed into the article of the university.

On account of Kaohsiung Medical University is a professional medical university, Mandarin teaching has aimed its market as well. CLC will dedicate to develop medical Mandarin courses and materials and make efforts to Taiwan Mandarin teaching.

The objectives of the center include:

  1. To promote Mandarin teaching at KMU
  2. To cultivate professional Mandarin teachers
  3. To train students skills of Mandarin
  4. To develop medical Mandarin courses and materials
  5. To advocate Chinese culture and the beauty of Taiwan


KMU Chinese Language Center is located on the 3rd floor of Chi-Shih Building in the KMU campus. It is near to the Kaohsiung Train Station. It takes 10 minutes of walking to arrive Houyi (R12) MRT station.


In order to provide a wonderful learning environment, there is a multimedia language learning classroom and a classroom for small group. The teachers can use the language facilities while students can learn with the program by themselves to enhance their Mandarin ability. The Center also provides various Mandarin learning materials, mp3, reference books and etc. for the teachers and students.

Traffic information

It takes 5 minutes to drivefrom Kaohsiung Train Station to the campus.

It takes 30 minutes by taxi from Kaohsiung International Airport to the campus.

If you are drivingsouth along the Zhongshan Highway, turn left at Minzu Rd after going down Interchange Dingjin, then turn right at Tongmeng Rd, and you will arrive the campus.

If you take the High Speed Rail Train, and then take the taxi, it will take 17 minutes to arrive the campus.

If you take the metro, you can get off at Houyi MRT station and take the shuttle bus to our campus.

Parking information

There are several parking lots in the campus: First Parking Lot and Second Parking Lot and can enter from the Ziyou Rd. The charge for car is 30 NTD per hour and for motorcycle, 20 NTD per hour.

There is a basement parking lot in the campus and  the entrance is along Tongmeng Rd, but for university colleagues only.

There is a Hechuan parking lot for university colleagues only and can enter from the Shiquan 1st Rd. Also, there are charged parking spaces around Tongmeng Rd.

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